Tričko, které má styl

Love for grandparents can be demonstrated, for example, by wearing this nice T-shirt with the original inscription “Love my Grandfather and Grandmother”
And we believe that it will not only impress those who see it with its precise processing and comfortable material, but also its beautiful and concise writing. We all have a grandmother or a grandfather in our hearts and now you can let them know and give thanks to them because of the shirt. We also have a children size T-shirts so that both children and adults can wear it and support us. We offer both men and women variations. Make your loved ones happy with a beautiful T-shirt full of love and tenderness, and support lonely older people at the same time. In fact, the proceeds from the sale of each shirt will go to the “Home without Worries” project, which helps older people to live in their home environment with dignity.

Čas, který je relativní

Both the Beauty of Help Foundation and RESPIRO are members of the Social Responsibility Association and both take seriously their commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals. The Beauty of Help Foundation helps older people live a dignified life in their home environment and the RESPIRO Agency introduces the up-cycling philosophy to businesses and the general public, drawing attention to the importance of caring for the environment.
The Foundation and RESPIRO have joined forces to help older people by purchasing original gramophone clock while supporting a sustainable approach to life.

Remember that time passes quickly, but it is relative. It depends how and with whom you spend it. 😉

Víno, které ctí tradice

Do you know that you can help us by drinking wine? 🙂

  • 1 Kč z každé zakoupené lahve na pomoc seniorům.
  • Speciální cuveé víno Rodokmen od Vína Marcinčák
  • 1 Kč za každé hodnocení vína na

Laň, která pomáhá

We’ve joined forces with Deers. And next to the well-known deer brooch, you can now attach an elegant doe to your bag or jacket. Moreover, a doe that helps. 50 Czech Crowns from each one is intended to help seniors.

In addition, you can also buy a doe on the headband or as a purse pendant by Luxury Bags.

Fresh news is the KAMA beret mini does.

Náramek, který léčí

Our next partner is Mineral Bangle. They make beautiful bracelets, chains and rings. One bracelet is special, by purchasing it you donate 35 Czech Crowns to help older people.

The base of the bracelet is agate. It is a very stable stone formed by microscopic crystals of quartz deposited in interconnected strips. Agates serve as grounding stones that give us emotional, physical and intellectual balance. Agate can match ying and yang elements, representing positive and negative forces that keep the entire universe at a fixed location.

Přání, které usmiřuje

I want to tell you … Letter to the deceased written on special water soluble paper.

Our wish is to help family members and friends to cope with losing of a loved one and honor the memory of the deceased. Whether you carry feelings, supplications, or thank-you words in your heart, you have the chance to write and pass them.

Write your lines on unique water soluble paper. Send the letter downstream on the water, where it will dissolve in a few seconds before the eyes, or give it to a fire by burning.

By purchasing, you also help to fulfill the wishes of seniors – to live in dignity at home.

Strom života naší rodiny

The Tree of Life of Our Family is an original book for recording family tree and family history.

The book is cleverly elaborate, so you can comfortably put your ancestors back from the fifth knee, and your children too. For each family member you can add interesting information about him and his life, including photography. At the same time, you can ask your relatives to write a memorial message to your book – for you and for future generations.
The book is well oriented, so it resembles a large family atlas. Nice illustrations give the book the true atmosphere of family togetherness and respect for our roots.
“Many people asked me if it would be possible to create a book where the history of the whole family could be captured, including the nicely and clearly depicted pedigree. It was not an easy task, but I believe we have succeeded. I will be glad if the book becomes an inspiration for family encounters and family history searches, ”says Monika Kopřivová, who is the author of the successful books Grandmother, Tell us and Grandfather, tell us.
The book has a large format of 30 x 30 cm, high paper weight and thanks to its representative appearance can serve as a unique gift for Christmas, wedding, birthday and other important occasions.

Děkujeme, že pomáháte s námi!

Let us thank all of you who have decided to support us.
We appreciate it very much and we firmly believe that with your help, we will continue to succeed in fulfilling our mission of helping where needed.