World Day Against Violence Against Older People

“The tears of your mother’s gray run down the pillow. Who knows you is not surprised that her face is getting older. We bring an illustrative story that highlights the form of violence against seniors, mothers. The form of violence is all the more serious and taboo, as it is the abuse of the closest. From your own children. The ones from whom we are waiting for help and not the outstretched palm that can only take. Not only does a senior woman worse prevent violence for her fragility. But going against your child, who has given birth and raised with love, is an insurmountable abyss. He finds himself in a vicious circle of despair. Captured between love and fear.

Mrs. Vlasta is a 87-year-old lady living in one of Prague’s housing estates. He has two sons. One of the sons lives in Slovakia and only occasionally makes phone calls. Her husband also came from Slovakia. After her husband, who had spent her whole life spanning her, she remained flat after his death. Mrs. Vlasta has been a widow for ten years and lives alone.

A few years ago, the worst of her life began.It all began with her second son being placed in a psychiatric hospital for gambling addiction. He found himself in financial need, and Mrs. Vlasta let him live with her mother of course. He started taking her money and mentally torturing her. Their quarrels grew and did not end only with word skirmishes. He took all her lifetime savings. That was no longer enough. Then he began to take her only income, a pension. Sometimes she didn’t even have food. However, mother abuse was much further. One day the son brought the paper saying that the apartment had to be insured and signed as the owner, which she still did with her son. However, this sheet of paper contained a rewrite of the apartment on it.
The story went on dragging on the money that ended up being her attacked several times. She didn’t have the strength to fire him, nor did she know how to do it. At the same time, she felt she couldn’t go any further. She stopped shy and confided everything to her neighbor. The next of the skirmishes they called the son to the police. He was brought out, investigated and received an entry ban.
Mrs. Vlasta filed a criminal complaint against him for fraudulent theft of the apartment. He is now awaiting trial. Waiting time is long. Mrs. Vlasta is gradually closing in her apartment. She refuses to go out. In addition, a bad experience with a carer has been added, and Mrs. Vlasta is losing confidence in people and is beginning to fear them.
There are many more such cases, but we are not always aware of them. Stud and love for the child very often outweigh the long-term abuse. Even if a social worker learns about the situation, he has limited opportunities for what he can do. It all depends on the client’s will. It can only be a support, try to establish a relationship based on trust and motivate the client to be strong and to deal with the situation.
It is therefore important to notice people around you and, if you suspect, do not close your eyes, but try to help. Know that it is hard for a mother to take the first step and ask for help.

At the same time it is important to remember that violence has many different forms. If someone ignores your decision, it will not let you decide independently how to manage finances, where and how to live, and so on. Older people experience this more often than you think.