Ten years of beauty and help and a Tall blond man with one black shoe

In the second half of September, we celebrated the first round anniversary. And the celebration was magnificent, the main congratulations were to the French actor, director and vintner Pierre Richard, whom all Czechs certainly remember as a Tall blonde man with one black shoe.

The celebration took place 20. September in the beautiful ROYAL Club. The whole evening was accompanied by Libor Bouček, Chantal Poullain and Tonya Graves sang at the beginning. Taťána introduced the Foundation’s activities and vision and presented a video summarizing the achievements of Beauty of Assistance as well as its future goals. And she was applauded while standing!

All the participants were greeted by main congratulations. Pierre Richard, who also introduced himself as a winemaker and the guests had the opportunity to taste wine from his vineyards all evening. Music surprise was provided by Ondřej G. Brzobohatý, Igor Orozovič and Radůza.

The celebration was not only to give thanks to all the Foundation’s friends, but also to Pierre Richard’s appreciation for his active life and the way he inspires all generations. Taťána G. Brzobohatá gave him the first ever Beauty of Help Award by Moser. And a surprise was also waiting for Taťána. Foundation Director Michaela Stachová presented the second Beauty of Help award to Taťána for her ten-year effort, which she donated to the Foundation throughout her existence.

“I focused on thanking all the partners and passing the award to Pierre, I never thought they were preparing such a surprise for me. I am incredibly moved and thank you very much to my team, which has made me very happy, ”Tatana said after the evening ended.

“Cheers” and to ten more successful years!