Our spring 2019

One big message to start with: We are very pleased that our Golden Work project already has specific dimensions. It is not commonplace to find a job in your 50’s. The job search for people over the age of fifty and the help of companies to find a new source of workforce are two major goals of our project. Now we are launching the website www.zlataprace.eu, adding social networks. The Golden Work will soon be heard!

Why didn’t my grandmother hit the toilet at night? Why is Grandpa afraid of every closet? And where do they see the bugs? When you try to enter the world of people suffering from dementia, you will understand. Special glasses should allow entry, thanks to the so-called virtual reality. Together with the Association of Social Service Providers, we are preparing a project that will make people who are taking care of the dementia of a suffering person one step closer to understanding it.

The 63rd session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, New York. Taťána G. Brzobohatá was a member of the Czech delegation led by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Jana Maláčová. Together they participated in a seminar on family policy changes and support for the availability of different forms of care services. Taťána’s contribution was about how much people have to pay for taking care of their loved ones, be they children or later parents or grandparents. The price is lower pensions and major labor market disadvantages.


We are very pleased to be a partner of the Bike for Life project this year. We think an active life at every age is important. Active cyclists, who have already crossed age sixty, are constantly persuading us to do so. We went out together 11. May in Mladá Boleslav. Our partners from Hooray for Trip came to see us!


In this year’s Spring Food Collection, which took place on June 18th, 25 tons of food and nearly 3 tons of drugstore supplies were collected. All the goods get to the people who really need it. The majority of them are older people. Thank You!


Finally, listen to the song sung by Elis Mraz. 🙂