Lunch for the needy older people

The Beauty of Help Foundation has joined forces with the St. Martin and the result are free lunches for the necessary older people.
If you stop at the St. Martin, notice the placard that is on each table. Informs about a new project with the Beauty of Help Foundation. Every customer can buy any number of vouchers worth 50 Czech Crowns. They are then thrown into a box that is ready for the bar. The foundation will take over the vouchers and hand them over to older people who are in financial distress and could not otherwise afford lunch in the restaurant.
“We are very pleased that the money box is filling with vouchers so quickly. Customer responses are great and we are happy to be able to help, ”says Kateřina Ticháčková, the owner of the restaurant.
“We appreciate the cooperation very much. We are just beginning and giving away the first vouchers, but I can say that our clients are delighted to go to a beautiful restaurant, ”says Michaela Stachová, the director of the foundation.
In addition to buying a voucher, you can also financially support the “ At Úvod without Worries” endowment project in the restaurant. In addition, a sealed money box is prepared in the restaurant.