For Non-Profits


Our vision is to ensure that older people are satisified and can live a quality and dignified life in their homes.
At the same time, we are working to ensure that the society sees the older people with respect.

We know that we can’t do it just by ourselves. We appreciate the work of all non-profits that change the world for the better. If you have as similar vision to us, lets work together.
Are you a non-profit and you are planning a project for a maximum of 12 months (in the case of long term projects you can apply again next year), which fits into our 4 grants? Fill out the form and send it to us to know more about you. We do not intentionally disclose the amount of the subsidy to leave room for the applicant to define real needs and costs. We finance all costs associated with the project, i.e. wage and administrative cost. You can find the detailed rules for granting foundation contributions in the Statute. Thank you and look forward to your ideas.


Who can apply for a foundation contribution?


Non-profit organizations. The Foundation´s Board of Directors may also decide to grant an allowance to a contributory organization or individuals. We distribute 0.5 to 1 million Czech Crowns among NGOs. The number of supported organizations depends on the amount of support. We finance up to 100% of costs, one organization can submit multiple applications.

Who decides on granting support?


The Foundation’s Board of Directors decides on the final support of the projects based on the recommendations of the expert envaluation commitee. At the end of the project (max. 12 months), the supported projects are obliged to send us a final report, which is also a prerequiste for re-applying for support.

What is the course
of the grant procedure?


Fill out the form below at the time of the announced call – by default, we announce it in the summer (applications that are outside the set period will be diregarded), during the autumn we will select the projects to be supported and give feedback to everyone. Until the end of the year, the supported non-profits have the money on their account. We will need a final report from you after the project is implemented.


Who is the grant for:

Modern field social services that support the self-sufficiency of seniors and their quality of life at home. Innovative projects complemented by registered social services such as memory training, home exercise, physiotherapist services, lending of compensation aids and more.

Current and expected demographic changes are a challenge for the social care system for the elderly. Old age and reduced self-sufficiency need not mean giving up links with the closest people and places where one has lived a life. Many seniors want to live at home. We respect their wishes and go to meet them. We want everyone to grow old with dignity at home.
Who is the grant for:

We support projects that know that old age is not boring and sick. That you can do interesting things even at an advanced age. In addition, programs that raise curiosity in seniors, open up new horizons for them, help find new lifestyles. They can be leisure, educational activities or volunteer programs that link intergenerational encounters.

As life expectancy increases, we will experience an increasingly large part of life in old age. This stage of life does not mean being alone, giving up your joys. We help activities that bring joy to life, experiences, new contacts or dreams come true.
Who is the program for:

We support awareness-raising campaigns that improve the perception of seniors in society, eliminate stereotypes and highlight their experience. We will help programs that enable the active involvement of seniors in public life. By doing so, they can pass on their professional or life experience and actively spend their time. They also include programs that promote intergenerational relationships and solidarity.

Our goal is for old people to be viewed with respect. Often this generation is presented as an economic burden and a source of problems. In the work process, they are attributed to the inability to learn modern practices, less performance or unwillingness to adapt to change. We want to change that.
Who is the grant for:

We support educational projects that increase the competence of family care givers. If they want to provide quality care to their loved ones, they need to know how to do it. We will help programs that provide care givers with relief, free time or provide psychic support.
Caring for a loved one carries emotional, physical and time burdens. If family members decide to take care of a loved one, they often have to leave employment. We support social projects that offer them paid employment, at least in part-time jobs.
Caring for a loved one gives the senior a sense of security and safety. It provides indispensable emotional support. Informal care givers are part of the team and we value their work.

Do you want to ask something or have an idea?

Contact us at or call 724-813-377.

We are looking forward to collaborate with you


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    In 2019, we distributed 871,000 Czech Crowns among these 14 partners.

    • Hurá na výlet – Chrudim
    • DC Adra Havířov – Ostrava/Havířov
    • DC Adra Ostrava – Ostrava
    • DC Adra Brno – Brno
    • Centrum Ententyky – Brno
    • Úvod care agency Zuzana Luňáková – České Meziříčí
    • Úvod Hospice – plzeňská hospicová péče – Plzeň
    • Charita Šternberk – Šternberk
    • Úvod Hospice Vysočina – Nové Město na Moravě
    • DC Adra České Budějovice – České Budějovice
    • AkSen – Praha
    • Sue Ryder – Praha
    • Cesta domů – Praha
    • Maltézská pomoc – Praha