December Challenge

The December Challenge Begins! What does it mean? Did you know that Tatiana Gregor Brzobohatá celebrates her birthday 23. December. Like last year, she decided to ask you to help older people with her instead of giving gifts. Ondřej celebrates his birthday 2. February and joined her call.

AND ATTENTION, this time we are looking for all of you who also celebrate your birthday in December, and we ask you to start your own challenge. It’s easy to register at and click on the “Create Donor Challenge” button on our “Úvod without Worries” page. Fill out the basic data and send the link to your friends. Also share it on Facebook / Instagram with hashtag #prosincovavyzvato know about you. At the end of December, we will add up the proceeds of all our calls and see how much we get together.

Come with us, December is not just about Christmas. Do you know someone who celebrates in December? Let him know and help us get the most resources to fulfill our common dream – a dignified life for older people at home. Thank You. ❤️ #prosincovavyzva #BirthdaysMovies

And that is important at the end, a link to the invitation of Taťána and Ondřej and the possibility to contribute here: