Crowdfunding collection for a film about Lube Skořepová

Luba will return to the stage again, thanks to all of you who have joined the campaign on The collection managed to collect CZK 358,800, ie 119% of our target. Thank You.

The film’s director, Otakar Faifr, asked for help. The filmmaker Michal and producer Anna also belong to the team that tried to make the film. For three months they lived with Luby at home and filmed her attempt to return to the boards that mean the world. They did everything in their free time, but they needed to get money for post-production jobs.

“We have therefore addressed various partners, including the Tatana Kucharova Foundation – Beauty of Help, which helps seniors. The theme of loneliness is very important for them, so they immediately decided to support us. Together we came up with the idea of telling you, potential viewers, for support. We will use the funds from this campaign for post-production work, distribution and costs related to filing a film for domestic and foreign festivals.

Luba saw this film as her last work in front of the camera and tried to describe the last years of her life she lived in solitude. But because of her nature, she did not give up and still fought for self-realization.

When she saw the first cut of the film, she was thrilled and became the chief motivator of the whole staff. She was always on the phone (because in her words, if she hadn’t done it, there would never have been anything in her life) and checked how she was working on the film.

When we told her that Czech Television would co-produce the film for a long time, she had been on LDN for a long time. She was thrilled. For a moment, a spark that slowly faded into her eyes. The next day she left us. But she knew it wasn’t long. Once again, she returns to the stage before the audience who loved her so much.

We perceive SAMA as a superb monodrama of a great actress who still has something to say to the audience after her departure. That is why we have decided for an alternative distribution focused mainly on theaters throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The premiere in these halls will be on 21st September 2017 on the occasion of the celebration of Lubina’s birthday. He also plans to present the film at theater festivals, but also in smaller cinemas in the Czech Republic.

The official premiere of the film will take place on September 21, 2017 at the Rokoko Theater and the date of launching in Czech Television is set for autumn 2017.
At the same time, our goal is to draw attention to the theme of the solitude of people in old age and how important it is not to lose meaning and to remain active.

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