Christmas this year differently

Have you already started to worry if Christmas will be this year? October and no Christmas decorations yet. 😉 Don’t worry, Christmas will happen and we can help.

We are pleased to be a partner of the Penny Campaign, which highlights the loneliness of Older People. Have you seen a spot? Look and talk to your loved ones.

You say, “That’s nice, you’re right, I should visit my grandmother, but if you were to advise me , what should I buy for a gift. Who is supposed to come up with something original every year.

Ladies will surely be pleased with the Deers brooch. In addition to the brooch, you can also buy a purse pendant. You get it exclusively in the Luxury Bags store. And if you already have a purse pendant, the handbag is also a beautiful gift … 🙂

The upcoming year end also means you need a new calendar. For Grandma or Grandpa Buy the Beloved Calendar From Babičkářství. For other family members, you can buy a fragrant calendar again.

Children don’t like “soft gifts”, but we adults do. You can find stylish clothes at You can get cheerful shirts from the no apples collection or retro style accessories –bow tie, braces and socks. All unisex. And when we’re at the clothes, go to the boutique Plaska.

If you prefer the experience, check out the new one e-shop on

A beautiful gift is also wine. Choose the one that helps – with a silver sticker. You can find it in the wines of the Ludwig, Lobkowicz or Spielberg wineries.

Certainly, a good and beneficial gift is also nutridrink by Nutricia.

Or do you belong to those who have everything they need and don’t want any gifts? So let your friends know and make a Christmas challenge. Let your friends, together with you and others, contribute to a good cause instead of worrying about choosing a gift. How to create such a challenge look here. If you need advice, we are here for you. 🙂

We thank you all and thank our partners. There are more of them than we could mention here, look at the entire list our site.